Welcome to the team!

At Double Clear LLC we love to introduce new members to our team, whether that be new clients for lessons and shows, or a talented professional looking to further their career and the future of our sport. We are very research and progress oriented, trying to find the most successful training techniques to give us that competitive edge. Our philosophy revolves around the idea that the future of showjumping lies with innovation, not imitation. Double Clear is a professional atmosphere that takes our sport very seriously while still enjoying the companionship of our equine partners. We treat our horses as exactly that... our partners, and provide them with the best overall care to perform at the top levels of showjumping. To go along with this program, Double Clear LLC is involved in many business ventures that encourage smart and exciting investments in the best quality grand prix horses. 


Sean Jobin

Owner & Head Trainer

Sean is the head of Double Clear LLC, providing training and riding services to the company. Sean is an internationally recognized Grand Prix rider and manages all the horses within the company. He takes on various clients and horses from all over Canada for training and sales purposes.  

About Sports Science

Integration of technology into our equestrian program is a key characteristic of our business. Double Clear aims to blaze a new path unlike any other in the industry by finally incorporating new tech with traditional training practices. We feel this gives us an incredibly important competitive advantage against other organizations that still ignore the importance of technological innovation.

Hylo Fit is a brand-new company Double Clear is excited to work with. HyloFit develops a special microchip that fits on equine girths to help monitor horse and rider vitals like heart rate, speed, distance travelled, and other fitness data. This data will be instrumental in evolving and adapting our future training programs for horses and riders.

We also use advanced video analysis extensively for training, coaching and competitive riding purposes. Training and competition rides are all recorded on high definition cameras capable of advanced slow-motion recording. As very quick or slight technical breakdowns in a ride can cause faults in a round, video analysis can help us identify subtle issues in a ride that may be unidentifiable to the naked eye.

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